Panna Cotta of Hero Cassis and Hero Strawberry

30 min. or less preparation time

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  • 11 oz. Cassis (blackberry-flavored beverage)
  • 6 oz. Hero Strawberry SPREAD + extra jam for garnishing
  • 1 pint whipped cream
  • 8 pc. gelatin
  • 10 pc. basil leaves


1. Soak the gelatin sheets in some cold water.
2. Heat the Hero Cassis together with the Hero Original Strawberry.
3. Mix the dried gelatin with the warm mixture and stir until smooth.
4. Add whipped cream to the mixture and pour into small glasses.
5. Allow to sit in the refrigerator for 2 hours until firm.
6. Chop the basil leaves, leaving the top part of the leaves intact.
7. Garnish the panna cotta with a spoon of Hero Original Strawberry  and finely chopped basil.